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Defense, Spectre Hood: 30 / Spectre Mask: 42 (set). Set Bonus, Spectre Hood: Magic damage done to enemies heals the player with lowest health. Spectre. The Spectre Hood is the healing-focused headpiece of the Spectre Armor set. It gives the player 6 defense, which is lower than Spectre Mask, but it is because of​. The Spectre Armor, consisting of the Spectre Hood/Mask, Spectre Robe, and Spectre Pants, is a. Now spectre armour is a healer set instead of a nukertank. It punishes your damage output, no longer letting you stand in a boss and spam spells. rangers had shroomite, melee had TURTLE(not beetle), and magic had spectre. spectre armor had putrid defense, at the time roughly that of. lenrenngravdowb.tk › Terraria › comments › spectre_hood_or_mask. Even though the % magic damage hurts a lot, You kinda need the hood. Spectre Armor has very low defense, so that healing is a must to have around. lenrenngravdowb.tk › hood-pin-kit. The Spectre hood pin kit is designed to universally install into the majority of hoods. The kit includes two triple chrome-plated steel posts secured by torsion pins. The latest Tweets from Spectre Hood (@ColdHartPatriot): "Dear everyone: China is a country. The Chinese are not a race; they are ppl from China. Mexico is a.
Pink Eskimo Pants. Not to be confused with the mobile and console-exclusive Spectral Armor. Meteor Leggings.

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Terraria Top 5 Nerfs - HUGE NERFS TO WEAPONS, ARMOR & ITEMS! ! - Terraria 1.2 to 1.3.2, time: 4:25

Shadow Helmet. Shroomite Headgear. Titan Armor Console-exclusive. Titan Leggings.

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Spectre the full set is worn, the player will turn transparent hood pale, giving go here a ghostly spectre, along with any other visible accessories.

Spectre a player has the full set of Spectre Armor equipped, they will receive a bonus depending on which helmet they have equipped:. Sign In Don't hood an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Not to be confused with the mobile and console-exclusive Spectral Armor. Spectre Bars are required for the crafting of the pieces.

It takes 54 Spectre Bars to make a complete set of armor. Contents [ show spectre. Spectre Armor tinted spwctre. Notice hold the visible accessories also gain the hood bonus, allowing transparency. Categories :. Wood Helmet. Wood Breastplate. Wood Greaves. Boreal Wood Armor. Boreal Wood Helmet. Boreal Wood Breastplate. Boreal Wood Greaves.

Rich Mahogany Armor. Rich Mahogany Specgre. Rich Mahogany Breastplate. Rich Mahogany Greaves. Ebonwood Armor. Ebonwood Helmet. Ebonwood Breastplate. Ebonwood Greaves. Shadewood Armor. Shadewood Helmet.

Wpectre Breastplate. Shadewood Spectre. Cactus Armor. Cactus Helmet. Cactus Breastplate. Cactus Leggings. Pumpkin Armor. Pumpkin Helmet. Pumpkin Breastplate. Pumpkin Leggings. Copper Hood. Copper Helmet.

Copper Chainmail. Copper Greaves. Tin Helmet. Tin Chainmail. Tin Greaves. Iron Helmet. Iron Click at this page. Iron Greaves. Lead Helmet. Lead Chainmail. Lead Greaves. Silver Helmet. Silver Chainmail. Silver Greaves. Tungsten Helmet.

Tungsten Chainmail. Tungsten Greaves. Gold Helmet. Gold Chainmail. Gold Greaves. Platinum Hood. Platinum Chainmail. Platinum Greaves. Eskimo Armor. Eskimo Hood. Eskimo Coat. Eskimo Pants. Pink Eskimo Armor. Pink Eskimo Hood. Pink Eskimo Coat. Pink Eskimo Pants. Mining Armor. Mining Helmet. Mining Shirt.

Mining Pants. Shadow Helmet. Shadow Hood. Shadow Greaves. Imr xbr powder Shadow Armor.

Ancient Shadow Helmet. Ancient Shadow Scalemail. Ancient Shadow Greaves. Crimson Helmet. Crimson Scalemail. Crimson Greaves. Meteor Helmet. Meteor Suit. Meteor Leggings. Jungle Hat. Jungle Hoo. Jungle Pants. Bee Headgear.

Bee Breastplate. Bee Greaves. Ancient Cobalt Armor. Ancient Hoodd Helmet. Ancient Cobalt Breastplate. Ancient Cobalt Leggings.

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