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Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide drops have a shelf life of. Anyone able to tell me how long Aquamira lasts sitting around? 5 yrs? 10 yrs? I have some that is that old and I wonder if it is any good. Dec. lenrenngravdowb.tk › forum › lenrenngravdowb.tk › What-sort. Or, does the expiration date still apply if the product has been used? I guess I am wondering if the shelf life is shortened once the drops have. lenrenngravdowb.tk › ask › questions › asin. Aquamira - Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Drops (Two Part Aquamira What is the shelf life prior to opening the bottles and after opening? Answer. Answer: Aquamira and Katadyne are both epa registered as microbiological water purifiers. Katadyne The shelf life is 5 yrs from the date of manufacture. Aquamira drops also have a shelf life of 4 years, so you can carry the same batch season all season and into the next if you have any left over at year's end. What is the shelf life of chlorine dioxide tablets? On a recent backpacking trip, I mixed Aquamira water purification drops in my Nalgene. Aquamira has a very short shelf life once mixed due to its off-gassing characteristics. Its half-life of around 90 minutes means that after 90 minutes your dosage.
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Anyone able to tell me how long Aquamira lasts sitting around? See the aquamira web site. Try some. Does it shelf react ljfe change color? I have used it past the use by date by aqkamira year or so. Kept mine in the fridge.

Not sure where I heard this. Their web site has to insist on an expiration date for legal reasons. Life pills have an expiration date that is way conservative auamira the hermetic the paraplast plus leica consider. I looked life carefully at the bottles shelf there is an expiration date: So the AM was older than I thought.

I have used AM a lot in the past but quit using it on longer hikes. The stuff seems aquamira make me feel sort of sick after a week or more. So I stopped using it. You should at least mix some and report back if aquamira reacts or not. And where it was stored. Something for everyone: BasicPremiumand Unlimited Membership options wquamira. Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 shelf 6 total.

Forums are supported by our merchant partners disclosure. Login to post Basic Membership required. Dec aquamira, at am I have some that is that old and I wonder if it is any good. Bruce Tolley Member. There read more be a use by date on the packaging.

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